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Useful Valemax Site
Seagoing Bulk Carriers: Use and General Use

Many hazards were involved in the operation of seagoing bulk carriers. The safety of seagoing bulk carriers is the subject of careful preparation. This website is an instant reference for the international shipping professionals with guidelines as well as information regarding the discharge and loading of different bulk cargo types . It is to stay within the limits as specified by the classification society. It is important to minimize the chance of stressing the vessel's structure and follow all safety precautions for the safety of sea travel. You might find useful information about bulk carrier topics in our detail pages, both for those working at sea and those who work ashore.

General characteristics of seagoing bulk carriers
Bulk carriers are equipped with only one deck and comprise top-side tanks as well as hopper tanks. They can carry bulk cargo that is a single commodity. Solid bulk cargo can refer to any material, other than gasoline or liquid composed of a mix of granules as well as particles. The materials are loaded directly into the space of the ship's cargo areas without any kind of container. Examples of dry cargo include sugar, grain and bulk ore. Bulk carriers can be defined as any ship that is designed to transport solid or liquid goods in bulk. Tankers are also included. The term is used primarily for vessels that carry bulk solid cargoes. This includes grains and similar agricultural products. Peruse this dry bulk cargo blog for more.

[Image: 59132-9dba15aa4dc7083b7a19ae50dd23d84c.jpg]

What Is A Bulk-Carrier? The Following Are The Most Important Characteristics Of Bulk Carriers:

"A ship which is intended primarily to carry dry cargo in bulk, including such types as ore carriers and combination carriers"

-Carrying capacities vary from 3,000 to 300,000.
Average speed of 12 15 knots
-Single deck ships, ie no tweendecks
Carriers that are small to medium-sized bulk (carrying up to 40 000 tonnes) are generally equipped with equipment for handling cargo. Larger vessels use facilities that are located on shores, which allows the loading and unloading of cargo.
The cargo hold is usually large, without any obstructions, and have large hatch sizes that allow for easy loading/unloading of cargoes
Most bulk carriers have a cargo hold dedicated as the ballast storage. It can be used to improve stability on ballast journeys. Some additional holds could be permitted for partial ballasting, but only in port
-They can be covered with single pull or hydraulic or stacking (piggyback) style steel hatch covers
Four kinds of ballast tanks:
Sloping topside wing tanks
Bottom side of wing tank sloping
Double bottom tanks
After-peak and peak ballast water tank.

Bulk cargo that is solid? Any substance that is not liquid or gas, consisting of a mixture of granules, particles or any larger pieces of material generally of uniform composition and loaded directly into the cargo spaces without any intermediate form of containment. The bulk carriers that transport cargo comprise "clean" foodstuffs and "dirty" minerals. They can react with each other and with contaminants like water. Therefore, it is essential to clean the cargo areas to accommodate the particular item being transported. To load cargo, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the area. A surveyor might be needed to mark the space as ready for loading. It is vital that the residues of a previous cargo be removed to ensure that no contamination will occur. The damage to bulk cargoes is mostly caused by water, thus it is essential that not only the holdings be dry to receive cargo but hatch covers should be watertight, or if necessary, sealed to prevent ingress of water. Every fitting (ladders or pipe guards, as well as bilge covers) in the hold should be inspected. It is crucial to examine every fitting in the hold (ladders and pipe guards, etc.) and make sure they are correctly installed. If they are not properly installed, these pieces of equipment could cause serious damage to conveyor systems which could lead to delays. Have a look at this time charter site for more.

[Image: w2020smo3-db-earnings-drybulk.ashx?rev\u...42DE1BD5BD]

Bulk Carrier, Bulker The vessel is designed to transport dry cargo. The bulk carrier of the conventional type is constructed with only a single deck and skin. Bulk carriers are built to handle bulk cargo of any size either light or heavy, and have a maximum load of 450 pounds. The process of loading, transport and discharge of bulk dry cargo isn't as simple or as simple as most people think.

Gearless Bulk Carrier
A lot of bulk cargoes could have dangerous properties or may undergo modifications during transportation. Unintentional loading can cause damage to a ship. Incorrect loading can lead to the ship breaking down if you load a hold forward at its maximum. This is known as stress? This can have severe consequences for sea life in adverse weather conditions. Other cargoes could be affected by the residues of previous cargoes. Certain bulk cargoes could be affected by water damage, e.g. cement power. It is hard to determine the weights and numbers of cargoes unloaded and loaded. These factors all can have an impact on the methods of operation for the safe carriage of bulk cargoes. Discharging bulk cargo using? conveyor belts or similar systems are not monitored and monitored, bulk cargoes will make an elongated cone. The angle created by the cone is referred to as 'angle of repose'. It is different from one cargo to the next. Cargoes like iron ore can create a cone with a steep angle. However, cargoes that flow freely may form a shallow angle cone. Cargoes with low angles of repose tend to move during transit. As the cargo gets closer to completion, bulldozers might be required to distribute the load within the hold. Dry-bulk carriers generally have to utilize facilities at the shore for loading cargo and discharging. However certain bulk carriers come with self unloading features, such as conveyors below cargo holds or cranes up the deck.

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Seagoing Bulk Carrier A General Purpose and Usage

There were numerous risks when operating seagoing bulk vessels. It is crucial to plan carefully and be vigilant in all matters pertaining to shipboards. This site offers quick and easy information to the shipping industry on how to load and discharge bulk cargo. However, it must not go beyond the limits that are set by the classification society. It is important not to stress the structural integrity of the ship and follow all safety procedures to ensure safe sea passage. You might find useful details on bulk carrier issues on our detailed pages for both those who work on the sea as well as those working ashore.

General characteristics of seagoing bulk carriers
Bulk carriers are vessels with a single deck that are equipped with top-side tanks as well as side tanks. They are designed for single-commodity bulk cargo. Solid bulk cargo includes anything that is not gas or liquids made up of a mixture of particles and granules. It can be loaded directly into cargo areas without any form of containerization. Sugar, grain, and ores in bulk are examples of dry cargo. Bulk carriers can be described as any ship that is designed to carry liquid or solid bulk cargo. Tankers are also part of. In common usage, however bulk carriers are utilized to describe vessels that are designed to carry bulk goods that are solid. This includes grain and similar agricultural products along with minerals such as iron, coal, ore, and stone. Peruse this panamax bulk carrier blog for more.

[Image: CORONA-e1584513778489-1.jpg]

What Is A Bulk-Carrier ?General Features Of Bulk Carriers Include:

"A ship which is intended primarily to carry dry cargo in bulk, including such types as ore carriers and combination carriers"

Carrier Capacity that ranges from 3,000 to 300,000 tonnes
The average speed is 12-15 knots
-Single deck ships, ie no tweendecks
Carriers that are small to medium-sized bulk (carrying a maximum of 4000 tonnes) are typically equipped with equipment for handling cargo. Larger vessels employ facilities that are located on shores, which allows the loading and unloading of cargo.
Cargo holds that are big are free of obstructions and have larger hatch sizes for easier loading/unloading.
Most bulk carriers have one cargo space, which is devoted to ballast. This can be used to increase stability during ballast journeys. One or two further holds can be allowed to ballast partially, but only in port
They are covered with single pull or hydraulic, or stacking (piggyback) type steel hatch covers
-Four kinds and sizes of ballast tanks:
Sloping topside wing tanks
The bottom of the wing is sloping. tanks
Double bottom tanks
Peak and post peak ballast water tanks

What is solid bulk cargo? Solid bulk cargo means any substance other than liquids or gases that is made up of particles, grains, or larger pieces and which can be loaded directly into the cargo space without any extra containment. There are many cargoes being carried by bulk carriers. They include food and minerals that can react with each others or in conjunction with water sources. It is essential to wash the cargo space prior to load it. Surveyors are often needed to confirm that the space is prepared for loading. To prevent contamination, it's essential to get rid of any remnants left from an earlier cargo. Damage to bulk cargoes can be caused by water. Therefore it is not enough that the holds be dry to hold cargo, but the hatch covers should be watertight or, if necessary closed to stop the ingress of water. Every fitting (ladders or pipe guards, as well as bilge covers) inside the container should be examined. should be examined to ensure they are in good working order and properly fitted. The equipment could cause damages to conveyor belts, which can create delays. The ship could be held accountable if the conveyor belts were discharged accidentally with cargo. Check out this supramax bulk carrier specialist for more.

[Image: Cost-distribution-of-different-vessel-ch...s_Q640.jpg]

Bulk Carrier or Bulker? A vessel that is designed to carry dry cargo. Conventional bulk carriers are constructed with a single-deck and a single skin. They also have a double bottom, and hopper side tank. Topside tanks in cargo spaces are also available. Bulk carriers are constructed to carry bulk goods of any size and weight, whether light or heavy and carry a maximum capacity of 450 pounds. The loading, carriage and then the discharge of dry bulk cargo isn't as easy or straight forward as most people imagine.

Gearless Bulk Carrier
Many bulk cargoes may have dangerous properties or undergo changes in transport. The ship may be damaged by incorrect loading e.g. The ship can bend if it is loaded to its highest forward hold. This could cause the ship to stress. could lead to life-threatening consequences at sea, particularly in severe weather. Additionally, the residues of earlier cargoes could be a significant threat to the future cargoes. Certain bulk cargoes such as cement power, may also be affected by water damage. cement power. It can be challenging to determine the true weights and quantities of cargoes that are being loaded or not loaded. These aspects have significant implications on the operation of bulk cargoes. Discharging bulk cargo using? conveyor belts or similar systems are not controlled and monitored the bulk cargoes form the shape of a cone. The angle created by the cone is referred to as the'angle of repose'. It varies with each cargo. Iron ore-based cargoes for instance, can form an angle-shaped cone. Cargoes that are free to move freely will form the cone with a narrow angle. Low angles of repose may cause cargo to shift in transit. When cargo is nearing the point of completion, bulldozers might need to be employed to distribute the load over a number of holds. Dry bulk carriers rely on shoreside facilities to load and discharge cargo, but bulk carriers can also self-unload by using cranes or conveyors on deck.

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