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The newly discovered saber-toothed predator is millions of years older than the tiger
[Image: low-res-ash-with-fossil-1-jpg.jpg?auto=w...width=1200]

The ancient hunters belong to a group of mysterious meat eaters known as Machaeroidines

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A new analysis of jawbone fossils reveals a species of saber-toothed predator that walked the Earth millions of years ago, the first tiger. The researchers named the new predator Diegoaelurus vanvalkenburghae and classified it as Machaeroidine. This is a group of carnivorous mammals from the Eocene, more than 40 million years ago.

Dr Shawn Zack of the University of Arizona College of Medicine said: “We know little about Machaeroidines Therefore, every new discovery greatly expands our picture.” The fossil was first discovered in 1988 by a 12-year-old boy in Oceanside. california near

San Diego since then The jawbone is also housed in the San Diego Museum of Natural History's large fossil collection. The researchers used 3D modeling technology to confirm that the fossil was a new species. Machaeroidine that originated in California millions of years ago

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