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Nasal Dilator Straps Cause More Snoring and Sleep Apnea FastTip#14
If you're searching for ways to stop snoring, you might be interested in finding out the ways that over-the-counter nasal dilators such as Noson strips can help improve the quality of your breathing while you sleep. These nasal dilators work to open the nasal or nasal passage , and increase the flow of air through the nose. But , can they do the job for you? They may help with sleep apnea. Find out more about these devices and whether they're worth a shot.

The Basics of Nasal Dilators
There are two kinds: nasal dilators that can open the nasal passages or nostrils from the outside as well as those that dilate them from the inside. External dilators are typically composed of a rigid strip, which is bonded to the outside of the nose using adhesive. It looks a lot like a stiffened band Aid. The most well-known brand is Noson nasal strips, though other brands are also available.

The nasal dilators operate by opening the nostrils and sides. It's similar to raising the sides of an elongated tent to open up the space. This may help ease breathing through your nose , and can decrease snoring. A greater nasal airflow is the most likely cause. Ideally, a river of air would flow through a completely open nose, then pass through the throat, then go past the mouth's base, and eventually enter the lungs. The obstruction of the nose is caused by narrowness of anatomy, a deviation from the septum, or congestion from colds or allergies. Instead the trickle, or stream, of air is able to enter. The airflow gets turbulent, much like an insignificant and full of rocks. The airflow may cause a vibrating in the throat, especially the soft palate and the uvula tissue. The amount of air gets into the nasal cavity. However, you could reduce the turbulent motion of air. Click for best stop snoring to get a better at night remedy here.

[Image: AF1QipMVsW6Sl8EDK9fGXBybQ7XtGHDlWmr9FZ9G...80-p-no-v1]

Do Noson Strips help reduce snoring? A research of 30 snorers showed that an external nasal dilator, like Noson strips, can be effective in reducing the frequency of snoring, as determined by a sleep test, or polysomnogram, in 73 percent of people? These dilators performed best when the snorers did not have another condition affecting their breathing in sleep, such as obstructive sleep apnea. These treatments are also proven to not be as effective in other studies. A comprehensive literature review found that there was no improvements in sleep apnea, and a small improvement in snoring when Noson strips were used.1?

Side Effects Of Noson Strips
Aside from a possible allergic reaction to the adhesive that is used in external nasal dilators, or injury to the skin with the removal of the strips, are there any risks for adverse side effects in either of products? While nasal dilator strips can decrease snoring, and enhance the quality of sleep, they do not treat sleep apnea. The use of the strips to treat symptoms could give you an inaccurate impression of certainty about the efficacy of the treatment. Click for new sleep soundless tool here.

[Image: Moto-GP-Jorge-Martin-Noson-Nasal-Dilator-1024x683.jpg]

Other Devices To Open The NoseAnother alternative is an nasal dilator that is internal to the nose. It is a plug inserted into the nostrils, and remains in place while you the night. A review of the literature revealed that internal dilators showed a slight improvement in Snoring when compared to external nasal strips? There is also a prescription option known as Provent as well as a non-prescription alternative known as Theravent. These medications reduce the amount that is exhaled through drawing in air. They also increase the volume of the airway in order to keep it stable. This can help reduce the snoring.

If Snoring Persists
In general, nasal dilators are easy to use and may be a reasonable option in people who have trouble sleeping despite trying other treatment options. They may be worth a shot to determine if they are useful. If you are suffering from sleep apnea, nasal dilation might not be the ideal solution for you. Click for great treatments of sleep apnea info here.

[Image: ENcT7tGXkAICSoL.jpg]

Are there other ideas? Take a look at these other ideas:
Allergy treatment (nasal corticosteroids sprays, such as Flonase or Rhinocort) (e.g. or oral allergy medications such as Allegra, Zyrtec, Claritin, Singulair, etc.)
Myofunctional therapy
Nasal saline spray
Positional therapy (sleeping in a side position)
Lifting the head of a bed
Saline is rinsed with Neti pots, or an alternative
The procedure is performed by an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist
Consult your physician If you experience an incessant or severe snoring.

To diagnose the condition in the first place, it might be necessary for you to have an exam of your sleeping. Treatment may include the use of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine, an oral appliance from a dentist, or even surgery on the nose or throat. All of these treatments may be sufficient to reduce the habit of snoring.
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